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James K. Galbraith

Puce noire 6 juillet 2010 , James K. Galbraith

The New York Times "Room for Debate" blog has just posted a note from me on job creation : The question posed, by the way, was how to create jobs *without* spending money. Most of the other contributors ignored the premise and (correctly) urged spending money. I took a more roundabout approach.

The LA Times last week ran my Op-Ed entitled "The National Security Shell Game" which criticizes the momentary fad of wrapping deficit reduction in the mantle of national security :

A long essay, "Quelle Europe Pour Briser les Marchés" is the lead in Le Monde Diplomatique for June. Unfortunately behind a subscription wall but you can peek here :

Several further European lectures, including my seminar at the OECD on inequality on 6/18, are now on-line at The remaining transcripts and audios will be posted soon, including brief testimony to the Commission des Finances of the Sénat in Paris on June 17.



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