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Bernard Derome


During my career as journalist and TV anchor man, I had the priviledge of recording many of history’s momentous events over the years that occurred both at the national and at the international levels, events at times happy and at times tragic that have contributed to shape the world we live in today.

My interest in world events never waned. This is the reason why, in 2010, I accepted with great enthusiasm to join the Montreal Institute of International Studies of the UQAM as president. The wealth of scientific material that has consistently emerged from the studies conducted by its members underlines the essential role of universities as a vital tool in shaping collective consciousness.

During many years, Quebecers invited me daily into their homes as Radio-Canada anchorman, it is now my turn to invite citizens to participate in the many activities and initiatives offered by the IEIM.


The Montreal Institute of International Studies (IEIM)

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