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L’Ambassadeur de Colombie au Canada nous parle des transformations en cours dans son pays

Une conférence donnée en novembre 2016

Par Institut d’études internationales de Montréal (IEIM)

IEIM Colombia from Production Multimédia on Vimeo.

Une initiative de l’Ambassade de Colombie au Canada, de l’Institut d’études internationales de Montréal (IEIM) et du Service des relations internationales de l’UQAM

Conférence diplomatique

« Colombia’s Transformation Good News in a Convoluted World : Business Opportunities in a Growing and Middle Income Economy »

donnée, en anglais, par l’Ambassadeur de Colombie au Canada, son Excellence Nicolás Lloreda-Ricaurte

Lundi 28 novembre 2016 de 12h45 à 13h45 au local J-2625 de l’UQAM 405, rue Sainte-Catherine Est

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His Excellency Nicolás Lloreda-Ricaurte, serves as Ambassador of Colombia to Canada since February 14, 2013. Previously (2010-2012), he served as the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Colombia in Washington, D.C. Between 2001-2010, Mr. Lloreda practiced law in Washington D.C., where he focused on international business transactions, trade, investment policy and international dispute resolution. Mr. Lloreda also served as Director General of the Andean Community (1997-2000), where he supervised the legal department and prosecuted and defended cases before the Andean Court of Justice. Earlier, Mr. Lloreda spent four years with the Colombian Government Trade Bureau in Washington, D.C. (1993-1997), where he served as Director of the Trade Bureau of the Colombian Embassy. In 2010, he was appointed as an arbitrator before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). Mr. Lloreda is an attorney admitted to practice in Colombia, the State of New York and the District of Columbia. His wife, Alessandra, is an economist. They have two children.

Resume of the conference :

Uncertainty is a word that may well describe the world today. The “global town” increasingly shares the benefits, but also the risks, of an interconnected reality and Colombia is no exception.
A trading and market-based economy, Colombia stands, together with Peru, Chile and Mexico, as a non-ideological bloc, the Pacific Alliance, aimed at raising the living standards of their populations and boosting exchange of investments, ideas and people.
Also, aiming at exchanging a 50-year violent conflict for a battle of ideas in political scenarios, the Government of Colombia negotiated a peace agreement with the FARC, which was, however, voted against by a slim majority on a plebiscite on October 2nd. Modifications proposed by the leaders of the “NO” side are now being negotiated by the government in the hopes of reaching a better agreement. Actually, a new version of the agreement was announced on Saturday, November 12th, 2016.