The Crux of Refugee Resettlement : Rebuilding Social Networks

Centre d’études et de recherche sur l’Inde, l’Asie du Sud et sa diaspora (CERIAS)

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Avec une contribution de Béatrice Halsouet, membre du CERIAS

"The Crux of Refugee Resettlement envisions a more humane future for refugee resettlement. Combining anthropology with a variety of professional perspectives (education, health care, theology, administration, politics, and social work) ethnography is used to demonstrate the efficacy of programs and interventions that create and nurture social capital in culturally specific and accessible ways."

À lire, une expérience québécoise :
Chapter 9 : "The School Socialization of Young Nepali Women Refugees in a Medium-Sized Town in Québec, Canada" par Béatrice Halsouet.

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