Indian federalism and violence against women : A complex web of power relationships

Priscyll Anctil AvoineCatherine ViensCentre d’études et de recherche sur l’Inde, l’Asie du Sud et sa diaspora (CERIAS)

Catherine Viens et Priscyll Anctil Avoine, doctorantes en science politique à l’UQAM, ont contribué à cet ouvrage collectif

Le chapitre est paru dans l’ouvrage Handbook on Gender, Diversity and Federalism, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020, 384 pages

Catherine Viens et Priscyll Anctil Avoine, doctorantes en science politique à l’UQAM, cosignent le chapitre intitulé "Indian Federalism and Violence against Women : A Complex Web of Power Relationships", p. 306-320, dans le Handbook on Gender, Diversity and Federalism, dirigé par Jill Vickers, Joan Grace and Cheryl N. Collier.

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Résumé :
« This insightful Handbook offers a comprehensive exploration of the third generation of gender and federalism studies. Contributors explore the intersection of federalism and decolonization in global south countries, dissecting transitions between authoritarian regimes and democratic governance and mapping new issues in Western federations, such as LGBTQ rights and separatism.

Key chapters examine critical policy issues in federations, drawing on a range of disciplines to offer fresh insights into how federal practices, institutions and discourses interact with gender and other diversities including ‘race’, religion and sexual minorities. In this timely and authoritative examination, feminist scholars in both the West and the global south debate the impact of state architectures on women’s movements, partisan organizations and policy advocacy using innovative discursive, institutional, quantitative and intersectional approaches.

This Handbook will be of interest to researchers and students of gender and federalism studies ; feminist political scientists ; traditional federalism scholars ; feminist researchers in gender-focused social science fields ; mainstream and feminist policy analysts and practitioners ; and comparative politics scholars. »

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