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(Re)Writing the “National Security State” : How and Why Realists (Re)Built the(ir) Cold War

Puce noire 9 décembre 2004 , David Grondin

Paper presented at the annual International Studies Association Convention, March 17-20, 2004,

Hans Morgenthau once said that “the intellectual lives in a world that is both separate from and potentially intertwined with that of the politician. The two worlds are separate because they are oriented towards different ultimate values... truth threatens power, and power threatens truth” (Morgenthau, quoted in Hill and Beshoff, 1994 : xi). For Christopher Hill and Pamela Beshoff, this means that, as international relations practitioners and theorists, “Like it or not, we are ‘intellectuals in politics’ and ‘the study of international relations is not an innocent profession’” (Hill, 1994 : 12).


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